Direct Primary Care is a new approach to family health care.

Contract directly with your doctor, and save insurance for the big stuff.

Primary care visits with no co-pays

One yearly physical per year is included

Fewer patients allows for personalized care

Your Doctor is available by phone, email, and video

Same or next day visits

Extended visits, 30-60 minutes

Green Down Arrow

Lifestyle & Prevention

Our practice focuses on your health by addressing the root causes of chronic modern diseases through effective nutrition-lifestyle interventions.  We will help you treat, prevent, and/or reverse metabolic diseases ranging from metabolic syndrome,  central obesity, obese, pre-diabetes, diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol dysfunction, and more.  We are here to improve your HEALTH SPAN without relying on unnecessary burden of chronic medications, surgeries or procedures.


Urgent Care Tele-Visit

We offer webinar visit for follow-ups or urgent visits.  We can guide our patient, using our secured video conferencing systems.  We typically see our patients in 24 hours or less via Online or In-Office.

What We Do

Chronic Metabolic Disease Management
Wellness visit
Lifestyle & Nutrition Maintenance
Sick visits
Body Fat Analysis
Vision and Hearing Screening
In-house labs (strep, flu, UA, Blood Ketone)
Skin tag removal
Pap smear (pathology fee extra)
IUD Removal ($50 supply fee)
Simple laceration repair ($50 supply fee)
Simple aspiration/injection of joint ($50 supply fee)
Skin biopsy (pathology fee extra; if stitches required, $50 supply fee)
Nexplanon insertion/removal ($100)

What We Don't Do

One-Time Visits
Walk-In Appointments
Chronic Pain Management
Addiction Medicine

Pricing Plans

Save 10% on plans for signing up yearly!
Patients on a monthly plan sign up for a minimum of 2 months

Individual Adult

$99 /month
  • $100 initiation fee
  • $200 at re-enrollment
  • Age 18 or Above
  • Save 10% on yearly sign up!

Single Parent

$125 /month
  • $200 initiation fee
  • $400 at re-enrollment
  • Up to 2 children age 5-25, $50/child for more
  • Save 10% on yearly sign up!

Family of 2 Adults

$150 /month
  • $200 initiation fee
  • $400 at re-enrollment
  • Large discount on 2 Individual
  • Save 10% on yearly sign up!

Family of 3-4

$175 /month
  • $200 initiation fee
  • $400 at re-enrollment
  • Up to 2 children age 5-25, $50/child for more
  • Save 10% on yearly sign up!

Families reside in the same household.

If you are unsure, we do offer a complimentary 10-15 minute no obligation Meet-N-Greet visit to learn more about Dr. Phung and his philosophy on prevention by addressing the root causes of chronic modern metabolic diseases before you decide.

Under Direct Primary Care Membership Plans, there are No Copay for office visits. The only other fees are injections, procedures, immunizations, and/or medical devices.  The plans were set up to put a cap on your medical expenses at our office, while offering the absolute best in care through lifestyle, nutrition, and prevention strategies.

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