Diabetes Type II reversal with Low-Carb and Intermittent Fasting program

Above - Smart Qardio scale for home monitoring "included as part of medical weight loss program".

Violeta is a 55 years old patient who has history of diabetes mellitus type II, hypertension, cholesterol dysfunction, and heart burns.   Violeta came to our clinic through a referral of a friend, word of mouth, from a co-worker, who has been a patient benefiting from Low-Carb Ketogenic and intermittent fasting lifestyle already.  By the way, her co-worker is doing fantastic as well on her health journey as well.

Violeta started her health Journey on October 28, 2019.  Before that, she has been on glipizide 2.4mg daily and Metformin 1000mg twice daily for her diabetes along with Norvasc 2.5mg daily for hypertensive management.  Violeta started having diabetes issue starting in 2007 and managing her diseases with traditional approach of Low-Fat diet, wholegrain, fresh fruits, and diabetic medications.  Violeta signed up to our 4-month Intensive Medical Weight Loss Program, and we measure metabolic bio-markers during the process as follow.

Date10/28/201901/20/2020Ideal Ranges
Weight:163.4 lb /BMI 31.2118.8 lb / BMI 22.5Lost 44.6 lb / BMI -8.7
Blood pressure152/80138/80<140/90
Fructosamine240250~ 200
Triglyceride139108Ratio: trig vs HLD <1
HDL5062Ratio: trig vs HDL <1
LDL-side20.922.2Small 19 --- 23 large *
Large VDLD-P3.2<0.8< 0.8
LP-IR42<25< 27* --- > 63
ALT2417< 20
GGT1915< 15
Hs-CRP12.587.57< 0.7
Uric Acid7.86.4< 5.5

*ideal end of the range.

At the start of the program, Violeta met classification of obesity class I and weighing in at 163.4 lb.  Her A1C was at 5.8 on two diabetic medication and on hypertensive medication.  Patient had cholesterol dysfunction indicated by increased triglyceride vs HDL ratio.  The quality/size of cholesterol particle was made of poorer quality as well, along with insulin resistance.   Patient liver enzymes were elevated.  Inflammatory marker (hs-CRP) was extremely elevated along with increased uric acid level.

Five months into our program (4-month medical weight loss and 1 month in direct primary care), Violeta has lost 44.6 lb and dropping by 8.7 BMI points.   She has been off both diabetic medicines along with hypertensive medicine.  Patient’s cholesterol quality has improved, and no longer taking any heart burn medicine.  Patient’s laboratory blood test has been improving and normalizing.  Patient has a small bump on fructosamine level due to vacation when she had a bit too much fruits. Overall, Violeta success stories is beyond words – so we will let photos of before vs after speak for themselves.

Before and After

Take home message:  Low-Carb, Ketogenic, Carnivore, and intermittent fasting are NOT weight loss diets.   They are metabolic therapies to normalize our hormones, allowing the body to heal itself, and weight loss comes as a good side effect.   The biggest issue with current metabolic diseases is caused by our poor dietary choices mediated through chronic hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance.  To get healthier, we have to stop eating sugar, refined grain, starchy carbohydrates, and vegetable oil “aka industrial seed oil” as our food staple.   We need to eat real food and avoiding the ultra-processed food at all cost because they are manufactured in a way to drive overconsumption without feeling full or satiated.

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