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Our Direct Primary Care services includes nutrition-lifestyle intervention, regular office visits, sick visits, annual physical exam, and more to treat, prevent, and/or reverse chronic metabolic diseases.  Learn more at Direct Primary Care Services.

4 Month Weight Loss Program PLUS+

We offer carbohydrate restriction, Intermittent fasting + physical movement to help you lose the weight and keep it off long term.  We will teach you the science and give you the know-how to succeed in life.   It is a physician-supervised program along with smart technologies to accomplish your goal.  Learn More at Weight Loss Services.

4 Month Weight Loss Program W/Out Monitoring

We have advanced body composition scale at our practice to help you achieve your goal in this intensive nutritional weight loss program.  However, it requires in office follow-up visits.  Learn More at Weight Loss Services.

4 Month Online Health Coaching Program w/Smart Scale

State Medical License: Dr. Andy Phung is licensed to practice Medicine in the State of North Carolina, USA.  In the state, he can order blood work, make diagnoses, & prescribe medications. If you are located outside of the area, and you cannot  physically come into the office for initial intake of history and physical examination.  Please sign up with our online health coaching program with Smart scale.

Please be advised that health coaching is NOT Medical Advice.  It does not establish a patient-doctor relationship.  Our health coach(es) CAN provide nutritional education and support but we CANNOT diagnose, prescribe or adjust any medications.  You will need to keep your own physician informed if/when medication adjustment are required during the process.  You will receive a Smart scale with 12 Tele-Medicine Visits during the 4 month program.  Call our office or send us an email for more details regarding our health coaching plan.

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